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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

Originally Posted by Paradox1 View Post
No enemy is unbeatable that is just a fact. His senses can be used against him by high pitch sounds and bright lights. How do you stop a man with superior speed? you make him think about every move he makes with a couple well placed explosives even one second of indecision could loos you any fight. His strength is a problem so you don't give him a target to hit.The last weakness is the psychological one where Bats gets inside Clark's head. Much like Hannibal Lector poking and prodding into the minds of others often times crippling them with self doubt and disillusion.

I'm just saying invulnerability and safety is an illusion no one is safe no one is invulnerable not even Superman.
YOu're talking about a completely different thing here.. we're talking about specific circumstances as portrayed in the cartoons which I don't buy..

Of course, you can beat Superman (with some convolusted twists or plot).. just not hand to hand combat... no matter how un-ready you think superman is..

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