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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
Here are 2 scenes I imagined in my head which I think would be really good for this movie. Let's say the movie took place about 1 year after MOS as according to the latest rumors.

The first one follows-up events transpired in Man of Steel.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
EXT. Daily Planet

(We see Lois and Clark waiting for us a bus taking them to their next assignment)

Lois: A bus Smallville? Surely we could get there by more efficient methods?

Clark: There's plenty of time to get to the conference Lois. I sometimes like to keep myself grounded, more closer to the little guy and perhaps use a little time to reflect.

(Lois nods in understanding)

Lois: Ok

(The bus arrives and they get on board. As the bus drives through Metropolis, the devastation is still apparent with a lot of rebuilding occurring, Clark looks outside with a solemn, remorseful look on his face especially at the memorial building where people still regularly go in mourning.)

(We see a close-up shot of Lois moving a hand to Clark's and then cutting to Lois giving a reassuring look to Clark.)

(We then cut to 2 kids in an adjacent pair of seats also looking out at the memorial site)

Kid 1: You ok?

Kid 2: No I'm not. Dad's been coming home drunk for the past month... blaming that damn alien because Mom got crushed downtown in the invasion. We all miss her a lot.

(We then cut back to Clark still as remorseful)

Kid 1(V.O.): Superman sucks!

(1st Flashback scene of the movie-6 months ago)

(A young woman attempts to run down an ally trying to run from a mugger, screaming for help)

(We hear a whoosh and Superman appears)

(The mugger freezes in terror)

Mugger: Don't hurt me alien! Please...leave us alone!

(Mugger runs for his life screaming)

Superman(in a gentle voice): You can come out now. It's ok.

(lady comes out still visibly shaking, suddenly a mass of people converge on Superman, yelling expletives and throwing various objects at him blaming him for the destruction of Metropolis)

(Superman manages to speed away from the angry mob)

(Camera moves up the building to the top where we see Superman sitting down clearly overwhelmed with his situation as he looks out across the city.)

(We then have a close-up of Superman's face, a single tear moves down.)

(Cut back to present)

(Lois and Clark then get off the bus and we zoom out upwards and the press conference is non other than a joint venture between LexCorp and Wayne Industries)

End Scene for now(if you want me to add more just say so)

Here's another scene I had in mind involving both Superman & Batman:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

INT. Batcave

(The audience sees Batman hacking into various computer networks attempting to track an assassin both of them are tracking.)

Batman: I've found him

Superman: Where?

Batman: The U.N. building in New York, there's going to be an induction of new countries to the U.N., if he's going to do what I think he's going to do there'll be a good chance of World War III.

(Batman then moves towards the Batmobile, Superman looks on)

Batman: You coming?

Superman: You won't get there in time with that.

(Cut to the sky where Superman is holding Batman as they're flying)

Superman: You know, for a guy named Batman you seem to be uneasy about flying.

Batman: I've got a plane for that.

(They then reach the U.N. building)

EXT. U.N. Building

Batman: You should be the eye in the sky for now, I'll look around.

(Superman flies upward, Batman sneaks into the building Arkham City style taking out various guards, so the assassin remains unaware of Batman)

(Cut to the assassin aka Deathstroke/Slade Wilson on the phone)

Slade: In place now.

Luthor: Take the shot. Draw the alien in.

(As Slade moves in on the rifle Batman appears, kicking the gun from Slade's hand)

Slade: You're not the freak I was expecting.

(Batman looks up)

Batman: Found him

(Superman flies in and restrains Deathstroke)

Slade: Do you really expect that that was my only plan?

Batman: Where's the bomb?!

(Superman uses his hearing to hear a faint ticking noise)

Superman: Hold him

(Batman restrains Deathstroke, Superman flies downward)

(Cut to a scene in the U.N. meeting)

U.N. speaker: We the United Nations wish to welcome the newest nation of Themyscira. The princess Diana would like to say a few words.

(The camera moves upwards to give the audience their first look at Diana aka the future Wonder Woman. As Diana moves to speak on the podium, little does she know the bomb is right beneath her.)

(Superman flies in, lunges for the bomb beneath Diana, crouches and covers it as it explodes, no one is harmed and Superman just saved everyone especially Diana.)

(The shock onlookers all started to clap and cheer for the Man of Steel.)

Diana(mouths): Thank You

(Superman curt nods and flies out the window)

End scene

So what do you think everyone?
I'm sorry, if there's a scene where batman is holding onto superman while he's flying, I'm walking out the theatre.

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