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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

What all you guys forget is that Superman is not going to try to kill Batman. After the Zod thing, he will never want to go that far. That means he will hold himself back A LOT not to kill or seriously harm Batman, since he is a human being. That is the only reason Batman has ever "won" against Superman in the comics. Even in Hush, when he used the Kryptonite Ring against Supes, Bats said that he felt Clark holding back, not using real Superspeed and the like. Even in Dark Knight Returns Superman holds back, because he doesn't want to hurt Bruce.
They won't fight head to head with the intention of killing each other. Batman will humble Supes in one scene,because you have to have that to show he is capable to be a worthy partner to Superman. If you show Batman not being able to humble or outsmart him at least once, you undermine Bruce completely and thats also not in the interest of the film.

I think they should handle it like in the animated Worlds Finest movie (that Btas and Stas crossover?). They don't actually fight there. Supes underestimates Batman for a second, gets knocked on his butt (which is stupid, but I like the general idea of Bats surprising him), gets back up again knock Batman down in a not killing way, Batman whips out Kryptonite to make his escape and show Supes that he knows his weakness. Thats it! They also find out each others identitys (Clark via Xray vision and Bruce via detective work which again shows that both are extremely capable) and then work together against Luthor/Joker.
In that way you show that Bruce can hang with Clark, without undermining any of them.

And If they are in fact having a real one on one fight in the movie, Bruce will use a gazillion of awesome gadgets and/or a Iron Man like Batman mechsuit and it will result in themmexchanging a few blows, with Clark holding back a lot and at the end disabling Batmans suit and ending the fight in that way.

I am with you that I don't want to see a Dark Knight Returns style Superman bashing, but I also don't want Batman to look like a joke. I want to see why Superman says in Morrisons JLA that Batman is, in a way, almost the most dangerous human alive.

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