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Default Re: Rila Fukushima as Yukio

Ha! that's what i've been saying year comic con, expect LOTS of Yukio cosplay!

I'm so glad that this year we've got such strong female characters in CBM; Faora,Potts and now Yukio.Of course Soon we'll have Katniss again and the black widow and maybe Siff if we're lucky.

And as far as Yukio being turned into Psylocke...i dunno.I would preffer that she stays as Yukio because i love that character.

That said, when Betsy/Psylocke first turned into a ninja assasin type of character, she was somehow being turned into an Asian woman by Matsuo-at the time,the leader of the Hand Ninja.She was called KWANNON, not psylocke at that time. I wouldn't mind if Yukio became THAT character.Kwannon was supposedly an assasin and a mutant too i think before she died, and she sorta swapped body with Bertsy courtesy of matsuo..

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