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Default Re: Rila Fukushima as Yukio

Originally Posted by Paladin-Hoss View Post
Ha! that's what i've been saying year comic con, expect LOTS of Yukio cosplay!

I'm so glad that this year we've got such strong female characters in CBM; Faora,Potts and now Yukio.Of course Soon we'll have Katniss again and the black widow and maybe Siff if we're lucky.
Agreed, I think she may well be my favourite female CBM movie character to date, but yeah its good to see writers getting better at creating and adapting strong female characters other than just for T&A.

Originally Posted by Poni_Boy View Post
Well when I first suggested it I should have clarified that I think she would work as a comics/film amalgam of the character where Psylocke was her callsign/nickname like Logan's is Wolverine. No need to change Yukio around at all, just give her stronger psychic powers. That's really all it would take
One way or another we must have Psylocke in proper full blown movie form (not the throwaway we got in X3), it just HAS to happen

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