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Default Re: MAN OF STEEL 2: Superman/Batman (2015)

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
It'd be interesting to see the reactions here though IF it's later confirmed that this film is in fact a direct sequel to MOS, thus being MOS 2, and that Batman is just an element that's being brought in for it. Would people react more nicely to the notion that this is still a superman story for the most part, thus him getting the most development, or would we have another mixed reception on our hands?
I think there are two camps. One that wants to see an individual franchise reach its true potential, and another that wants to see a fully realized DCU.

I lean toward the former, but the latter would be amazing if done right.

MOS2 would satisfy camp#1, while camp#2 would probably get tired of "just more Superman (and Batman, to a certain extent)."

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