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Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
Was thinking today about how amazing it would have been if they did the All-Star #9 ending with Bar-El and Lilo but with Zod and Faora. Can't remember the exact words but 'after all we've done, you still offer us kindness Kal?' 'The best of Krypton lives on in you'. Just re-tweak the ending with Zod and Faora laying side by side overcome by sensory overload or whatever, and Superman and Emil Hamilton have made a rudimentary Phantom Zone projector and we end on a much happier uplifting note, that speaks much more to Superman.
Meh. Cheesy. And I have a hard time trying to sympathize with people bent on genocide. Sorry. I hated that part of All Star Superman.

Ugh. The ending. So bleak. So somber. Makes me so sad. I'm just not sure if Snyder and Goyer get the character. Yeah 'he's had so many iterations in 75 years'. But they really angsted him up. All contact with mankind he has, other than his parents and Lois is cold (the trucker, Clark even saying he's not sure mankind can be trusted). It just doesn't seem right. He loves everyone. I sometimes wish that Superman would just fly through my window and console me about my problems. But I think Cavill's Superman would just hate me. It's like Mark Waid said it's like humanity he likes, but it's people he doesn't. It just seems so wrong.
I loved the ending. I loved that Superman won, but at a great personal cost. I loved that he was faced with the prospect of being alone, but then is embraced and held, comforted by Lois. I love that he has found his purpose, that he knows now what he can do, and that he's chosen a career where he can make a difference not just as Superman, but also as a man. The future is one of hope, of new plans, of new beginnings. I LOVE this ending.

As for whether Cavill's Superman hates humans, pfffffffffffffffft. What nonsense. There is no way that Superman would fight so hard to save those kids on the bus, or the guys on the oil rig, or to betray his own race if he hated people.

Now, Cavill's Superman might not hug you, and he might tell you to buck up, but he would probably tell you that things get better.

But mostly, I've really been catching up on the older comics, the ones I've missed out over the past ten years, and I have to tell you, I am not seeing the Superman you see.

The ONLY Superman who has met up with your expectations is the All Star Superman. Every other iteration of Superman I've seen so far (and I admit, I haven't gotten through all of them), he's been angry, he's done dumb things, he's gotten into arguments, he's been a jerk sometimes. He's beaten people up, nearly lost control of himself, and he's even killed a handful of times.

But, he's also been willing to sacrifice everything for his friends, he saves everyone when he can. He forms bonds with the people he's around, just because he's that good of a guy, even with all his mistakes.

The MOS Superman is no different -- he just had a different path. Cavill's Superman gives us hope not because he did everything perfectly, but because despite the pain, despite the tremendous loss, he is willing to forge ahead, with the idea of creating a better world than the one we live in now.

I'm so sorry you don't like MOS. Maybe you should read the novel. You seem to need more details and so forth, and the novel has them. It might make you feel better.

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