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Default Re: Supes and Bats: how do they discover each other's identity (or do they?)

Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
Who would you say is the most famous person alive today? Barack Obama? Justin Bieber? They probably both have look-a-likes, now, do you imagine that when people see these look-a-likes they think "Wow, you look like [insert]" or "Wow, why do you pretend to be a regular person"?

The same thought process would be applied to Clark Kent, he happens to look like Superman.
So let's see.

- Superman's first contact was with Lois Lane.
- Superman made his debut in the city of metropolis.

Batman - the world's greatest detective - arrives in Metropolis and sees there's a guy who works alongside Lois Lane who just so happens to be the spitting image of Superman... the world's most recognizable figure. Same face, same height, same build.

I bet he'll feel like a real tool when he finally figures it out.

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