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Default Re: Is anyone else not excited about Superman and Batman? I feel nothing but dread.

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
I think the idea that WB feels the need to compete directly with Marvel is coloured by our perceptions of the "Marvel v DC" debate that always runs amongst us fanboys. WB puts out an awful lot of product, only some of which is DC. They will certainly be aware of the potential to turn a profit in the same way as Marvel does by the ruthless exploitation of all of its intellectual property- good and bad- but this will vie with other strategies that WB might pursue. The success of Mavel's movies is not some kind of "threat" to WB, it is merely an exemplar of what WB could do with its DC properties.

And I hope they don't follow suit.
I think this is mostly true. However, 2015 is an extremely crowded year for tentpole properties of all kinds. I do think there was a need to up the ante as to not get drowned out by all the competition (primarily Star Wars and Avengers). While it's not as simple as "Marvel vs. DC" scenario, I think there is an element of fighting for their share of the market space and fighting the public perception of Marvel being the only ones thinking five steps ahead.

It's certainly not a bitter rivalry though, as Kevin Feige has stated his appreciation of TDKT several times and believes that any time a CBM is successful it's good for the whole genre.

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