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Default Re: SPOILER ALERT: Anyone bothered by....

Originally Posted by Prison Mike View Post
The one thing I'm confused about is that Yashida wanted to transfer his healing power onto himself so his plan was to drain all the adamentium from his body? What does adamentium have to do with Wolverine's healing factor? I think I missed something there...
I was a little confused there too and I wasn't sure if he did. I just assumed he was draining his life force or something and that his bone claws only cane through because he'd chopped the adamantium at their edges in his hands . But he clearly didn't take all his adamantium cause Magneto was able to stop Wolverine from striking him.

Originally Posted by Colossal Spoons View Post
Magneto could easily re-bond some adamantium to Wolverine's claws again, and it'll most likely happen in DoFP.
I just hope if he does get his adamantium claws back that they explain it. It can even be a throwaway sentence aslong as they don't ignore it.

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