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Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
Was thinking today about how amazing it would have been if they did the All-Star #9 ending with Bar-El and Lilo but with Zod and Faora. Can't remember the exact words but 'after all we've done, you still offer us kindness Kal?' 'The best of Krypton lives on in you'. Just re-tweak the ending with Zod and Faora laying side by side overcome by sensory overload or whatever, and Superman and Emil Hamilton have made a rudimentary Phantom Zone projector and we end on a much happier uplifting note, that speaks much more to Superman.

Ugh. The ending. So bleak. So somber. Makes me so sad. I'm just not sure if Snyder and Goyer get the character. Yeah 'he's had so many iterations in 75 years'. But they really angsted him up. All contact with mankind he has, other than his parents and Lois is cold (the trucker, Clark even saying he's not sure mankind can be trusted). It just doesn't seem right. He loves everyone. I sometimes wish that Superman would just fly through my window and console me about my problems. But I think Cavill's Superman would just hate me. It's like Mark Waid said it's like humanity he likes, but it's people he doesn't. It just seems so wrong.
Preconceptions spanning popular but not all of the incarnations of the character will do that.

For example if all you've ever read of the character was Earth one, things might seem different, infact that story also had no Clark DP till the end.
The problem is, if films are made for people with different preconceptions in mind(and everyone has a different one trust me), then they will never be received properly. All we can do is judge it for what it is.

"I care because filmmakers now make films under crippling security because of parasitic gossip. makes movies worse"
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