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Default Re: Discussion of an Infinity Gauntlet story

Originally Posted by AlexanderLykins View Post
Not all of the artifacts are known to everyone. I think the only person in the MCU right now that knows what they all do is probably Odin. Thanos probably only cares about the Cosmic Cube and the Infinity Gauntlet. Loki and Thor only know about the Cosmic Cube and the Casket of Ancient Winters. Back to your original question about the vault getting raided. What if Star-Lord raids it and sells all of these artifacts around the universe? At least one or two of them will somehow end up on Earth. Just to set up Doctor Strange and others will be acquired by Surtur and other beings in the Marvel Universe/Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Star-Lord keeps one, probably the Infinity Gauntlet or maybe a gem or two, and is tracked by Thanos and his underlings.
Does raiding the vault require someone to know what every single artifact does? I never implied that. Anyone with a brain in the MCU though could figure out they were all important based on the sheer premise Odin kept them locked away.

However, do not ignore the obvious here. We know we're getting Dr. Strange, so at least one of those artifacts beyond the suspected IG is going to get removed. Then you have the assumption Surtur will be coming up in T:TDW or the third film and he'll need the Eternal Flame.

Based on characters we know we're going to see in Guardians, it would make far more sense The Collector being the one who takes other artifacts than Star Lord. There's no rumor of a Chris Pratt cameo in T:TDW either.

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