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Default Re: Discussion of an Infinity Gauntlet story

Originally Posted by Mightyally View Post
Yes you might have forgotten this but remember my theory that had to with Whedon drastically rewriting the Avengers script? Thanos was never planned until Whedon rewrote the script, the IG was therefore not of relevance when they shot the Thor 1 movie.

Ofc Loki knows of the IG. He was raised as a son by the Allfather in Asgard. It´s also Loki we are talking about here. It´s not strange to make Loki know of the IG without earlier introducton of him learning it.

Why not take the IG given its power/importance? An excellent question ofc. I must admit, I can´t see any reason for why he shouldn´t have taken more gems or the entire gauntlet. If you had to guess on this Rock, what would you think?

Would we have been show that? I don´t think so. The Chitauri had big plans using the cube so that they could acess new worlds. Loki would get Midgard. So let me ask you, what would Thanos get?
I think you're ignoring the obvious here as a means to extrapolate some much longer complex story. You yourself are assigning the Gauntlet this all-powerful stature and yet Loki doesn't take it? Not logical. Btw, the Chitauri didn't "have big plans using the cube." The Chitauri are simply a biomechanical race created/used by Thanos and The Other as their minions.

The movie clearly spoke the purpose of the exchange via The Other's beginning speech ..... "The world his (i.e. Loki) and the universe yours (i.e. Thanos)." He was referring to Earth being Loki's and the rest of the universe going to Thanos after he gets his hands on the Cube because it's going to open up all the doorways for him.

I see it like this. Loki can offer the gem to Thanos. Chitauri can invade Midgard and give Loki the planet. Chitauri can offer tech to get there via the cube. But why would they give Loki tech and help him take the planet? Loki knew of the cube and it was not of importance for him, he wanted to rule.

Basically Loki can offer Thanos the gem if Thanos can offer Chitauri the cube if they offer him a scepter which will allow Loki to take Midgard and therefore forfill giving Thanos his gem.
Chitauri are not their own free-thinking race. Again, you keep re-creating things to your own liking. The Other gave Loki the Scepter.

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