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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Originally Posted by Gamingboy View Post
Some great stuff so far- here's another scene I came up with (jeez, by the time this movie comes out, I'll have written the whole damn thing ). It takes place after the opening credits but before the scene with Lex and Bruce:

Int- Daily Planet Newsroom – Day
LOIS LANE and CLARK KENT are walking to PERRY WHITE's office, a rush of activity, not so much because it's a busy metropolitan newspaper, so much as they are all talking about what they plan to do if Luthor follows through on shutting it down.

Yeah, I'm telling you, Troupe, the Daily Star has an offer on the table...

If the Star focused on actual news as much as it did sports, Lombard, I'd consider joining you, Lombard...

JENNY (on a telephone)
Yes, Miss West? This is Jenny Jarwich, Perry White said you might have an in for me at Picture News...

Lois turns to Clark and whispers to him, knowing full well that he'll hear her even in the loud newsroom:

You'd think it was the end of the world...

Really, Lois? I thought that was our first date?

Lois glares at Clark, not exactly a fan of the somewhat dry sense of humor that “Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter” has. She, however, has something of her own to fire back at him:

Be quiet, Smallville.

They reach Perry's office door and enter,

PERRY is talking to a photographer as Lois and Clark come in. The Photographer is showing Perry pictures on his camera, and has a red jacket, red hair, and an inexplicable bowtie on... it is JIMMY OLSON. Lois politely knocks on the door to get their attention and speaks:


Perry notices the two reporters come in and taps Olson on his shoulder to pay attention.

Lois, Clark... nice to see you haven't already abandoned the ship.

Well, sir, I have only been here a couple of months...

Well, Clark, you aren't the greenhorn anymore... meet the newest member of the Planet, Jimmy Olson.

Jimmy, practically bouncing, rushes over to shake Lois' hand.

Miss Lane, I'm a big fan. It's an honor to meet you...

It's nice to meet you too, Mr. Olson...

JIMMY (interrupting)
Call me Jimmy...

Jimmy.... welcome to the Planet.

Perry interrupts with a “Uh-hum” like sound before he speaks:

Mr. Olson? They didn't come to meet you, show them the pictures you took.

Sure thing, Chief.

Don't call me Chief.

As Jimmy sets up his camera to show the pictures on a projector, Lois walks up to Perry's desk and tries to get a head-start:

Is this about Luthor, Perry? It better be important, I'm supposed to be going in to check on Corben later, remember...

Actually, not anymore, that's going to be Kent's story now...

Excuse me?

My story now?

LOIS (putting up a finger)
Quiet, Kent.

Lois leans forward and practically slams her hands onto the desk.

Perry, I was there, I saw him try to shoot Luthor, I followed his car and saw it crash. I'd have gotten in his damn ambulance if I could have!

Jimmy has gotten the projector up and running as Lois and Perry go on and on about this in the background, more or less like the above while Clark looks on a bit bemused by it all until Jimmy finally speaks up.

Uh, Chief?

PERRY WHITE (turning his head away from Lois)
Don't call me chief, Olson. Now, show Clark and Lois the photos you took...

Got it, CH-- Mr. White.

The projector beams a photo onto the screen, it's of BRUCE WAYNE, leaving a Limousine driven by ALFRED PENNYWORTH. The next few pictures show similar things, of him going into the LEXCORP headquarters.

I was lucky to get these, just happened to be in the area like an hour ago just taking shots for my portfolio when I saw him arrive.

Isn't that...

It's Bruce Wayne. Head of Wayne Industries and a playboy who's more up Cat Grant's alley... Perry.

Cat's a gossip columnist, Lois. Despite your opinion on Wayne and his reputation, the fact is that the head of one of America's largest corporations just walked into, unannounced, the headquarters of another of America's largest corporations. Perhaps it's just a social call, perhaps they are going to to play pool or go falconing or whatever, but it also could well mean something relating to the job status of millions of Metropolitans, including us!

A beat passes. Lois steps back from Perry's desk, seeing his point.

I'll get right on it. Kent, if you need any help with the Corben story, you know how to reach me...

Lois leaves. Jimmy, meanwhile, is a bit confused...

Wait, including ours, what does that mean chief?

You didn't see this morning's paper, did you, Jim?

A beat, and, to satisfy the law of threes...:

And don't call me Chief!
Hey, an Iris West kinda-cameo! That's awesome.


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