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Default Re: Discussion of an Infinity Gauntlet story

Originally Posted by Mightyally View Post
So? Still doesn´t answer my previous post. Since Thanos is above The Other, it´s Thanos giving Loki the scepter, since that indicates it was his idea. It is also a way of saying. The Other says that the leader a.k.a. Thanos has given it to "you" even if it´s technically someone else who actually handed it over or even built it lol. It´s showing the leader respect by acknowledging he is behind it all even if he physically isn´t.

Also, my point in my previous post still stand even if The Other, Thanos or the Chitauri made the scepter.

I am wating for you answer!
You said it was Chitauri tech and said the Chitauri gave Loki the scepter. It's not the case. I corrected you because you keep making things up. The Other handed him the Scepter, which yes was created by Thanos.

Your point in the previous post is still riddled with over-analysis and desire to veer away from anything the MCU has been laying out for you because you're trying to re-create the Infinity Quest.

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