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Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
RT audience ratings further illustrate the point.
Just seems like MOS got the short end of the stick this time out. Wonder why though.
Its a Zack Snyder film

Its a big departure from the very light hearted Donner/Singer films

It depicts much more accurately Superman's power and that of his enemies

Im sure you've noticed by now all these criticisms are in many ways unfair because none of them are truly bad in their own right. Zack Snyder is now the punching bag for people who want to hate on CGI and supposed lack of character development now that George Lucas is out of film. This is the first real reboot of Superman on the big screen in 35 years. In that time period Batman got rebooted twice before Nolan's Batman, which eased the transition.

Also Snyder showed Superman and his power in this film without apology. Im guessing people not use to seeing Superman fight in the comics or in the animated series arent use to buildings being destroyed and him flying through walls. For some, like myself, it was awesome seeing that in live action. For most critics who never read comics or watched the animated series, it was just Zach Snyder going off on CGI again and being over the top.

Critics can be the biggest hypocrites. They love the realistic and gory violence in Kick Ass, Quentin Tarantino films, etc, but they cant stand Man of Steel. I was watching Kick Ass the other night which had a 12 year old girl brutally and repetitively murder dozens of men , but the Man of Steel fights are too long and too violent? And Kick Ass is 76% at rotten tomatoes?

In the end most fans and Warner Brothers liked what they saw. They're now entrusting Snyder with the two biggest super heroes in the world, Superman and Batman. The critics can continue to love 'talkies' for all I care. I'll continue to love a good movie as long as its a good movie.

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