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Default Re: Are your Civil Liberties Under Attack? Discussion

Looks like freedom of speech under the first amendment doesn't include singing

This is Scott Walker’s Wisconsin – Protesters Arrested For Singing and Clapping at Capitol

Since he enacted his trademark anti-collective bargaining law in 2011, Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) has been subject to incessant protest from labor advocates. Nearly every single weekday for the last two and a half years, dozens of activists have flooded the state Capitol building, often singing loudly in order to demonstrate unity and protest, to gain public sympathies and to portray Walker and his administration as freedom suppressors.

These protests have consumed the Capitol, and state officials claim that the activists intimidate other Wisconsin citizens and inhibit them from using the space. A spokeswomen for the Statehouse police, Stephanie Marquis, insists it is important that "Capitol police [uphold] the law to ensure the building can be shared by all citizens who come to the Capitol."

There has, however, been much controversy incited over the protesters’ rights to be in the Capitol while loudly singing, and the state’s ability to dismiss citizens who are too disruptive. This controversy has included both court cases and arrests, as well as provoked more distrust of Governor Walker from the state’s unions.

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