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Default Digimon: Series Discussion

After seeing the Pokemon thread that was made in this board, I decided to devote an entire thread to talking about one of my favorite series growing up, Digimon.

I remember watching the first season on when it aired on Fox Kids for the very first time. I initially checked it out because I thought it was a Pokemon clone, but I ended up enjoying it even more. The characters, the world, the stories and the digivolutions got me hooked. I even watched the second season, though I don't remember much of that one.

My favorite of all them, though, by far, has to be Tamers.

To be honest, I don't remember much of this season when I first watched it. I probably caught most episodes, and I remember a plot thread here or there, but my childhood memories of this season are very foggy at best. It wasn't until recently watching a review of the show done by JesuOtaku that I became reacquainted with this particular season.

I think my reaction to the show can best be summed up with this:

Maybe I was just too young to understand it at the time, but, HOLY CRAP, this series is DARK. And I mean "Near-Neon Genesis Evangelion" levels of dark. I'm surprised they managed to air this show on a programming block aimed solely at kids. Though, in retrospect, I'm glad they did.

It dealt with a lot of mature themes and moral issues that I don't think most prime television would even dare touch with a ten-foot pole. The world is far more realized than in the other Digimon series, not to mention that the characters feel less like the simple stereotypes portrayed in 01 and 02 and more like real people dealing with and overcoming real issues. Also, I think the fact that it was set more in the real-world, and the fact that characters could potentially die, and stay dead, (and they do) gave it a bit more of an edge, and the sense that there was a lot more at stake. As an adult, I appreciate this series so much more for it was able to accomplish.

Anyways, let the discussion begin!

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