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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by VictoriaR85 View Post
I just tried it, and it appears that you're right! Again, thanks.

I would be beyond stoked if they did at least one Batman figure from each Burton/Schumacher film. Yes, even B&R. Despite how awful of a film it was, I have fond memories of my dad taking us to go see it. (And I loved it as a kid, too!) Haha.

That being said, I am actually really excited about the '60s TV show MMs. I wonder when they'll be hitting. Amazon says mid August on some of them, late August on others, and October for others.

believe me,the wait for the '66 stuff is KILLING me!

Amazon says August 1st release for the 2-pack,so hopefully I'll have that soon. the rest of wave 1 seems a bit murkier. they have Riddler and Penguin for August 15th,yet Batman from the same wave august 30th. then they have wave 2 Surf batman and joker August 30th,but Catwoman from the same wave as October!!??

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