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Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
I still think if people look at the Zod/Superman fight alone, many would have an entirely different opinion of the Zod/Superman fight alone lol.
Sad but true.

It was an odd plotting to have the fight happen after the doomsday device was turned off, not even the Goyer pitched batman films did it that way. On top of the many preconceptions that may have clouded audience reception people just aren't used to digesting such a thing in such a way, so it leads to half these people mixing up scenes in their minds which leads to statements such as, "Superman brought down an entire city just to win a ****s given" In reality, it's hard to remember superman directly casing damage to a single building under his own power(though there was that double punch into the side of the building).

In a movie where people talk about fight's going on and on, to have a fight start after the dust had settled probably wasn't the wisest choice.
On this point, I would disagree. You-think-the-danger-has-passed-hahahahaha-nope-you're-wrong! trope has been around for forever. Did anyone not seriously see the big fight between Superman and Zod coming? They HAD to have the heroic stand-off. It's the classic cliche.

On that point, I don't know if this has been posted before, so my apologies if you've all seen it, but I popped onto (despite the nonsense happening on there), and pulled up the tropes for MOS.

Er, obviously there are spoilers and so forth. Read, and enjoy!

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