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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

What kind of fight are you guys looking for?

Something kind of light, like in the WF's movie where Batman tosses Superman on his ass using Judo and Superman returning the favor by shoulder slamming Batman into a wall?

Or do you want something heavy? Like for some reason Batman/Superman is trying to really hurt or kill the other?

Personally Id prefer the former.

You get to see Batman using his superior martial arts to drop Superman, and then you get to see Superman use his superior strength and speed to put Batman down. Nothing serious and you get to see a little of what theyre capable of. Also, its even. They both get a shot in and then whatever issue they have is squashed.

The latter is more tricky and inevitably we're going to see Superman have dumbed/powered down in order for Batman to realistically pose a threat to his life. This kind of changes if kryptonite is introduced since that could make Batman a real threat if the effects on Superman are dramatic enough.

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