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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Short answer?

Yes, if the writers deem it to be. As with any depiction of Batman with these physically superior beings, it depends on how it is written and presented.
Honestly, I've never, even in the JLA cartoon (which I loved) bought Batman being a physical match in any fight with people of Superman's caliber.

It's just ridiculous, unless he's in an Iron Man type suit, the guy would get crushed in a moment. The only reason I've enjoyed a few of the Supes vs. Batman fights in select comics (TDKR, Hush) is because you know that Superman is holding back, and that's the only reason that Batman is alive.

Originally Posted by Asgard
You get to see Batman using his superior martial arts to drop Superman, and then you get to see Superman use his superior strength and speed to put Batman down.
See, even in the WF movie I thought that was incredibly stupid. It doesn't matter how good of a martial artist you are, you're dealing with a being that can move faster than you can think, and is so strong he could get hit with a tank missile and barely flinch. Batman being able to flip Superman was foolish. Even if Superman wasn't taking him seriously.


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