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Default Re: G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra: AMAZING!!!

I really enjoyed this movie. It got way to much flack from people. No, it's not the most faithful G.I. Joe adaptation, but come on...when people ***** and moan about stuff like that I can't help but think that this is all based off a toy line and cartoon. Ya, the original comics are more serious, but not by much. Some people take this stuff a little too seriously. I mean, this isn't so divorced from the material that you can't call it G.I. Joe.

Objectively, as a film it's got some really dopey dialogue and acting and some really spotty CGI. But the overall sense of fun and playfulness that the movie gives off is enough to win me over. It's a bucket of fun. That is the difference between this and Transformers (the sequels, I liked the first one). Transformers is a bloated, self important mess. It takes itself too seriously. Not the plot so much, but Bays directing. It's all over indulgent in the extreme. It forgets what it is. G.I. Joe never forgets it's based off a cartoon and it delivers it's action-y goodness in a much more controlled and light-hearted way.

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