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Default Re: Ultron! We Would Have Words With Thee! Official Thor/Chris Hemworth Thread

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
That would have been great. As for the other comment, Thor caused destruction. He destroyed the freakin bridge in 6 blows....and destroyed like a city sized landscape in that frost giant fight, remember that? That's far and away the biggest display of destructive power in the MCU so far. I think it's pretty clear that Thor is "The guy"
Wonder how long it would take Hulk to destroy the rainbow bridge?

Seriously though, i don't want any Avenger displaying the type of power superman did in Man of Steel. It was a huge turnoff for me. I'm gonna get a good chuckle watching them dilute Superman's power in Man of Steel 2 just to make it possible for Batman to compete with him. The brilliant thing about Marvel is that they've done an excellent job in not making characters so powerful that it neutralizes the effectiveness of others. It's a fine balance that Man of Steel failed at IMO.

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