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Default Re: X3 Fanedit Project

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
Those action beats were cut for time mostly.
X3 as 104 minutes, just like X1. But X2 was 134 mins, so X3 should've still used those beats because it wasn't like the movie was getting long.

I also decided on another change in my cut; I wasn't sure over the two openings of X3 when I was going to open with the ending of X2, but I worked it out: I'm removing the young Warren flashback. The reason is because of this: young Jean was important, as it reflected the bulk of the story, and it paralleled the later scene between the same three characters of Xavier, Jean, and Magneto. Young Warren doesn't have that, and instead it's just there, pretty much. You still get what you need from Angel and Warren's father without that scene. So removing it would also fix some of the bugs in my recut.

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