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Default Re: Recast RDJ

I dont mind a new character as Iron-Man, maybe a friend of his or someone who becomes the new one just as long as the character isnt Tony Stark. Cant have Miles Morales since that is spiderman but just create a new character or his future son coming back to help from the future or something. If not that then War-Machine the movie or something.

I only want Downey Jr as Stark nobody else unless its a different Stark like a future son, grandson, etc.

Heres a funny one: The alternate version Iron-Woman named Antoinette Stark, his sister who becomes the new one or something but use the Earth 2301 story line and change it.

There is also his alternate version where he was born a woman not a man named Natasha Stark if they need to use that but I would prefer ONLY a Iron-Man 4 with Robert rather than a new person anytime. My vote is to keep Robert nobody else in the role only if they do then something like this.

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