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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

I tried an attempt at Superman/Batman's first confrontation. I also tried coming up with a way that Superman could be weakened.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Lex continues running for his life down one of the many aisles of a warehouse. All is silent until SMASH! Superman breaks in through the ceiling sending Lex flying of his feet. He crashes down into the ground and stops in a crouching position. He stands and walks toward a downed Luthor.

You're done Luthor. What are you and Wayne really doing here?

Lex doesn't speak. Instead he just has smug grin on his face. Superman moves toward him in superspeed pinning him to the ground.


Clang! Something hits Superman in the face and sends him off focus. He lets out a little noise and holds his face. Whatever it was it hurt a little. He looks to his left and sees an object. He looks at Luthor who isn't going anywhere and walks toward the object. He picks it up, a Batarang.

He looks toward where he thinks was the source. He sees something in the shadows, two pointy-looking ears are the only distinction.

Suddenly, all the lights shut off. The warehouse is plunged into darkness. Superman is a little disorientated at first but as he comes to his sense he uses X-Ray vision on the area. Nothing. As he switches back to normal vision the lights are back on but Luthor is all ready far away.

A noise is heard at the back of the warehouse. It sounds like a grapple gun. Superman uses his X-Ray vision again but the many aisles and objects in the warehouse don't allow for a solid fix on anything. Superman rises up and floats just above all the aisles and tries again. Still nothing appearing.

Another Batarang hits him again. But he is still in the dark about where it came from. He hears the sound of the grapnel gun again coming from directly behind him. He immediately turns and flies in that direction, landing on a pillar. But again, nothing. He's being played with. He then begins to listen out for noises, a heartbeat immediately comes into focus. It's very close. He looks up. A face. THE BATMAN. We just see his cowl at first. But then his cape expands. The wing span is huge.

He plants somethings into the wall. The lights go off again and we hear the noise of Batman gliding away. The lights come back on straight away. Superman inspects the wall. Another Batarang. It explodes with gas that sends Superman of balance but he gains control and simply floats. He inhales and begins to look dizzy and weak before hurtling to the floor. He tries getting up but groans in pain.

SUPERMAN'S POV: His vision unfocused and is breathing heavy. He looks across the aisle and at the far end we can just about make blurred image of an almost demonic looking Batman.

He pushes himself up from the ground and hovers with all the strength he can muster. He then flies toward Batman still fast but much slower than his usual speed. He crashes into him which sends them both into the next room.


A big empty room almost like an arena. They both roll around in pain. They went through at some force. Bruce stands a fair distance away. Superman is still down but he manages to get to his feet.

I've... I've felt these effects before... Zod's ship.

Batman uses his grapple on Superman's chest and zips toward him. He lands two heavy blows on Superman on impact. He tries a third but Superman blocks it. He lands a punch on Batman's chest which sends him flying across the room. He quickly flies toward him and pins him down.


With all of his strength Batman pulls him across and stands. As does Superman who is constantly in and out of focus. They engage in hand to hand combat. Batman's punches land and disorientate Superman, whilst Batman is clearly trained in high level combat and is blocking well. Superman gets a punch on Batman which clearly causes great pain. Superman takes this chance to get another hit in which again sends Batman across the room. He flies across and grabs Batman's neck in the air and holds him high. Simply staring at him.

Batman is grasping for air but Superman lowers him down to floor. But he lands one more kick on Batman which sends him down and in pain.

What did you to me?

So yeah Superman "wins" in mine. My idea is that Luthor visits the destroyed World Engine and somehow weaponized the residue of the Kryptonian atmosphere that was left there. But Bruce figures out what he is doing and wants to test the effects himself. Lex has no idea whats going on when Clark gets hit and sees the opportunity to save his own skin.

I thought this was a more logical way than Kryptonite suddenly entering the picture. And I still think even a weakened Superman would beat Batman.

The above is MY OPINION and ONLY my opinion please do not think of it as fact or a statement of fact it is merely what I feel.

Psychic though? That sounds like something out of science-fiction.

We live in a spaceship, dear.

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