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Wolverine 3: Alpha and Omega

I think Wolverine 3 should have Logan going to Russia in search for something where he fights Omega Red as the main villain. In Russia, learning more about himself but not too much, he is offered help by Alpha Flight who they reveal to him that he was oce a member of the team but Logan doesn't remember it. For some strange reason I would love to see Logan get a new suit but this time with a mask maybe llike the black one that Alpha Flight gives to him kinda resembling a helmet and suit like Captain america WW2 type. The members should include Guardian, sasquatch, Northstar, Snowbird, Shauman and Aurora. The other 2 arent the best so keep them out of it or kill off Puck and Marrina in the beginning. Omega Red wants to kill Alpha Flight for some reason unknown who gets in the way and saves Logan during a fight but Logan wants no part of it.

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