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Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
Plus Lois in denim shorts. Mmm.
lol you know me too well.

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
The likeness to Tom Welling is lacking in the newest issue. I hate it when they do that.

Doesn't bother me as long as the character still has the Smallville character persona I'm cool with that besides I think their not allowed to use Tom's likeness if he doesn't give me permission. Either way I'm just glad I still have a source of Superman to fall back on the New 52 version is crap and I'm ashamed at what they've done to Clark now.

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
Yeah, but it looks like he takes effort in making Lois look somewhat like Erica as well as Martha looking somewhat like Annette. Clark looks like your generic Clark Kent character.
Probably because the character is moving closer to imagery and it's time to distinguished the look of Clark from Superman as he grows into the role. Either way makes no difference to me

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