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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I wonder what would happen to Iceman if they bring Gambit to the picture as the new love interest to Rogue.
I doubt they have any kind of romance these days. It's been 10 years, Rogue has probably been untouchable for years and they were only ever a teenage crush thing anyway. There's no reason why they would still be real love interests. Especially if Rogue has been away for possibly years.

Obviously there would be left over tension over their past but I am begging Singer to have dropped that storyline. They didn't work as a romantic pairing. They were so boring. It was out of pure laziness and convenience that they were even matched-up to begin with. Time to leave that dead in their teens and have both characters moved on. If Iceman has to be involved with someone palm him off on Kitty in DOFP. And the altered future should just have them all single for possible sequels. Shawn hinted in an interview a few months ago that Iceman/Rogue are long over and just some past complications remain. I hope that's what is going on.

Gambit should be her future love interest. Also, have her over her hero worshiping of Wolverine. She's 26-28 now and she shouldn't be gushing about any leftover teen stuff. It's not realistic she'd still have crushes on him and Bobby.

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