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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

He doesn't name any more specific franchises or characters that might be on the studio's radar, but Millar does reveal that the plan is to build towards something big that has yet to be announced. Check out the video interview after the jump..

Collider nabbed Mark Millar for a one-on-one chat at SDCC last weekend and asked him about Kick-Ass 2 and his role as Fox's go to guy for their Marvel superhero franchises. Millar explains a little about what he's been doing for the studio, but says he can't get too specific because it all ties into some big announcement that may be as long as 2 years away. He says they've been looking at bringing on new talent (Millar was influential in Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow coming on board X-Force) and are currently talking to more directors -- but what would they be directing? Well, we don't get any specific names but Millar reckons Fox have at least 5-10 “gold franchises” on their hands. The relevant stuff comes in around 6:20.
Original article and VIDEO:

5-10 potential franchises, eh?...... I like how that sounds!

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