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Default Re: Cinematography/Visual Influences Thread

Originally Posted by speno94 View Post
But the scene/shots I loved the most was by far was the Shingen fight. Just the music, the intensity, the physicality, all practical effects, no CGI, the cinematography with all the blue colour tones which looked Kill Bill-ish. This scene was ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!
Totally agree with this, brutal and yet beautiful.

Also the part when the ninjas turn up to attack Shingen all the blue lit walls looked very Kill Bill also, but this is easily Marvels most visually appealing film, there are so many great shots I can think of, shall post some pics of good ones later but off the top of my head:

-Logans obscured face when he stabs the guy through the door, just
-Hints of the Bourne Ultimatum shaky cam when he is being chased through the to the train station and on the train in the toilet
-Hard Rain visual night style
-The funeral scene and setting
-The shots of Logan down the well

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