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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
People are convently forgeting there would be major age difference between
Gambit and Rogue since Gambit was In origins.So Inless they outright declare Origins to now be non-cannon I don't know how that could be made to work.

Besides Gambit Isn't In DOFP so It's amoot point.Considering how little time
Anna Paquin had to film I doudt much romance Is In DOFP Involving rogue.
I doudt the rouge/Iceman thing Is going on anymore and hopefully no hints at Kitty/Iceman.I would prefer a hint at Kitty/Colossus.
There are numerous ways around the age difference between Rogue/Gambit. It's sci-fi and they're mutants so they can offer a few different explanations which we've already discussed in here. No-one is conveniently forgetting anything. It's just it's not something that makes them an impossibility. Anna and Singer didn't sound like they thought it was impossible at SDCC.

As for Rogue, you're right there isn't the time for her to have a romance storyline so hopefully they have completely dropped the stuff with Iceman. Obviously they can briefly talk about it or have some tension because it would be weird otherwise. Especially if Rogue really isn't around when DOFP starts. But don't make it a focus. She should have moved on a long time ago, so she's more accepting of her powers and is a more independent/confident woman. She doesn't need to be all about her crushes or worrying about being untouchable.

Kitty/Colossus aren't happening IMO. They won't give Daniel that kind of material. He's only the muscle guy. I wouldn't be shocked if there is/was something between Bobby and Kitty. That filming picture of them looked somewhat intimate body language and I'd wondered since then if they're more than team mates. I wouldn't care either way. Just have Rogue be free from it and her being a capable mutant.

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