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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

Originally Posted by shallbecomeabat View Post
This a thousand times! You HAVE to have Lex, because he is perfect after the destruction of Metropolis and a great way to bring Bruce to the city (at least an official alibi for Wayne, because the Bat is there to check out the alien). Then having Deathstroke as a hired gun and direct opponent for Bats would be magic!
Supes punches armoured Lex around. Done.
For sure. I feel like the Zod armor is the fastest way to get Lex abilities to rival Superman's within the world that was built for MoS. Maybe Lex just adds thrusters for flight?

Deathstroke would be extremely popular with the GA if used remotely close to what we've seen in his recent video game appearances. That would also open the door to stroies with other characters like Deadshot, Green Arrow, the Titans, etc.

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