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Originally Posted by bluearth View Post
Theres a few issues with his stand.

For starters, Superman was working with the Armed Forced. He had their full blessing. He was not a vigilante. I guarantee you there is probably only 1 person (Luthor) in the Man of Steel Universe who didnt want Superman to finish Zod off.

At another forum a member spoke about how a relative of his shot a home intrude who had broken into the house. It was a good shot, and the intruder died. The intruder was carrying a gun. Obviously the guy who pulled the trigger was not put in jail. There is 'make my day' laws etc. In many states if you step foot on someones property without their permission you may get shot while nothing happens to the guy who shoots you.

The Joker killed 600 people his entire life? Zod can kill 600 people in a few seconds. Zod was a living weapon of mass destruction. He was genetically engineered, so he could not be reasoned with. He made it clear humans were trash to him, and he would have no problem wiping them all out. He would probably do so then go commit suicide somewhere.

I understand the traditional Super hero approach is that they can solve any problem without hurting anyone. But Snyder, like many comic book movie directors before him, is putting his own twist to the formula. Zach Snyder films always tend to end with the hero making a sacrifice for the greater good. 300, Sucker Punch, Man of Steel, all movies required the hero to make a sacrifice at the end.

If a criminal was about to shoot you and your family dead, wouldnt you want a cop to shoot him first? When you're in the position of responsibility like a cop or a Superman, you have to make some tough decisions. A cop who kills someone to save others is not considered a murdurer. He is considered a hero. Throughout history wars have been fought and many have died. Death is part of making things right, unfortunately.

The biggest thing to remember for me personally is that Superheroes have this no kill code because it makes them sound better then they really are. Is Clark Kent standing up for that woman in the bar more praiseworthy then a normal guy doing it, a guy who knows hes not invincible? For me its been too easy for superheroes. Put them in positions that an everyday man could possibly face, a situation that would be just as tough for Superman as it is would be for the everyday man. Superman was in such a position at the end of Man of Steel.

At the end of Superman the movie Superman faced the mortality of a loved one, something that almost everyone has already faced or certainly will face. So does he have to live it down like everyone else? No he can reverse time. Suddenly he isnt so relatable. I guess you can call him a 'super' hero because the tough decisions and problems of the every day man dont affect a Deuce Ex Machina character.

In typical Snyder fashion, I expect another sacrifice by the hero at the end of Superman & Batman. It will likely enrage comic book fans everywhere, but thats fine with me. Riding off into the sunset gets old after a while.
I posted this in another thread in response to someone taking issue with Morrison's quote:

In that situation, sure, he didn't have a choice.

But the thing is Goyer didn't have to write it that way. He wasn't obligated to create a scenario where Superman didn't have any other choice but kill Zod. And more than that, I don't really think writing that scenario added much to the film.

Me personally, I don't mind if Superman has to kill the bad guy under very extreme circumstances as long as the narrative acknowledges and pays reverence to the gravity and severity of it, and as long as it's earned by the narrative and furthers the themes and stories.

The thing is, I don't feel like Zod's death did this. In general, I don't think Zod not getting sucked into the Phantom Zone and having one last fight with Superman after the rest of the Kryptonians were locked away added anything to the film at all. If Zod had been sucked into the PZ with the rest of them, the movie wouldn't have been any different other than being shorter. That last fight and Zod's death didn't really enhance or add to the film at all, it was just a second climax on top of the first one.

So part of it is that the death wasn't necessary really. Just have Zod get sucked into the Phantom Zone with the rest of them and it wouldn't have been an issue.

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