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Default Re: The Batman Reboot Casting Thread - Part 6

My problem with Freeze, well not with him, but the idea of him as a villain (especially if it's based on Heart Of Ice).....Is that I like him too much lol. He's too sympathetic. I find myself routing for him, even over Batman. Like even if he's doing something horrible, I still understand his reasonings and he's cool as hell with that voice. I mean, it's difficult to hate him.

Even in Arkham City, if something like that happens like in the game where Batman's just pummeling him, im like NO! BATS GET OFF FREEZE! He's just a "cool" mother F'er. I cant hate the character. I feel like he's barely a villain. At least with what ive been exposed to over the years.

Ill also say that as much as ill take Freeze's origin over any of Spidey's villains (whom I love as well), maybe we've seen it already in various Spider-Man movies. You know, the doctor/scientist who has an accident or something happens to his thing you know it's like a revenge story with this transformed man taking it too over until the lead hero stops him.

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