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The Court of Owls would actually be interesting to see, and could be a clever way to introduce Robin or Killer Croc, but maybe not for the main storyline.

For the Riddler, my idea was to make him a computer genius who works for the mob hacking security systems and stuff like that. But because he's a bit of a psycho, he often goes beyond his assignment and has the systems attack or kill security guards and innocent bystanders (electrocuting them, crushing them with an automatic door...I'm sure there's plenty of creative ways to do this). Then you coul have some tension as the mob notices how unstable he is and tries to force him out, only for him to turn on them as he gradually grows more insane and his "tools" become more advanced. This COULD end up completely silly, but I think with a good script and a competent actor, you could have a nice creepy and calculating villain that can give Batman a physical challenge as well as a psychological and mental one.

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