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Default Re: The Batman Reboot Casting Thread - Part 6

I dunno. I think you can make him sympathetic, give him a cool look and persona, AND make him a clear villain. I mean, by that logic, half of all Batman villians, heck, half of all comic book vilians ever, are out. What about Two-Face, TKJ Joker, Harley Quinn? You can have your villain be likable and still have the audience want to see them defeated.

Also, not only is that kind of story inherent in the comics anyway, but there are ways you can present it so that it doesn't feel like a retread. For instance, not actually showing it. Say that after his first fight with Freeze, Batman investigates him and finds the security footage like in Heart of Ice. Or hell, just Freeze stopping by the lab to visit his wife in the tube. That way, you see how ruthless he can be before you see what he fights for. Also, you can take the TAS aspect of him wanting the whole world to be as miserable as him, so he's not entirely sympathetic.

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