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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Reviving this thread to scratch my needs.

2015: Ant-Man
2016: Doctor Strange, Thor 3
2017: GotG2, Inhumans
2018: Avengers 3

I think a Cap sequel is going to be the one to get the shaft between sequels to Thor 2, GotG, and Cap 2. Thor 2 would have come out after Cap 2 so they might be more inclined to prioritize a sequel for Thor since he would have been away longer in terms of his own film, and for GotG I don't think they would want to stay away from the characters that long since if it does well enough to get a sequel they'll want to strike while the iron's hot and Cap would have been in A2. And Inhumans and Doctor Strange are definitely coming.

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