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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion (Spoilers) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pa

I agree that the defense of what little choice superman had doesn't address the (current) issue. He obviously had no choice any fool can see this. However the bigger question is whether or not the producers should have put the character in that position.
It's important I say producers cause in this instance more than most others it wasn't just Goyer writing some personal short film. He, the director and the Nolan all happily signed off on this. I'm sure if you ask any three of them right now they will provide a rhetoric for it. (two of them already have)

My take boils down to what are the benefits of this direction. For example morrison doesn't like a killing, well it seems the purpose of this exercise will be to address that. Sure it's not addressed entirely in this film alone but if it serves toward the larger story(ala TDK trilogy), than I think the morrison ilk will see their issue addressed. Whether they agree at that point I find more interesting.

I also think it significant that this film bring up the issue.
I mean the 5 other cbm adaptations this summer alone will have the hero killing the villains in a mountain of glory and the GA and pundits alike probably wouldn't have said a word about the "bloodlust of our audience" otherwise, but here in this film we all take a collective stand. I get that superman represents something more to some people but that fact alone doesn't explain the lack of attention the constant killing has gotten. I mean Morrison writes one hell of a batman and I'm sure the constant villain killing in those films is worth equal scrutiny(though morrison has had his batman attempt to kill), yet also never brought up.

For the time being I'm with Grant on one thing. I think this sets up for one hell of a sequel and given these producers, I think that will be their moment to really shine/deliver. If we end up with a superman with a stringent no kill rule I will applaud these producers for giving me superman in a different way than has been. One that doesn't just not kill, but with the dramatization in the characterization.

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