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Default Re: SPOILER ALERT: Anyone bothered by....

What idiot at Marvel Studios decided it was a good idea for Wolverine to lose his adamantium claws?! That's his big draw, what makes him dangerous. What's next? Taking away Thor's hammer and Captain America's shield?

And adamantium is supposed to be indestructible. So the robot had some red-hot adamantium claws - that should have changed nothing. They should have just screeched off of Wolverine's claws. Adamantium can't break adamantium - it's immutable. It can't be broken, period. Or at least it couldn't before this movie came out. I guess Marvel movies-world is in a different universe than Marvel comics-world. IMHO, a writer(s) created this plot defect for a quickie surprise for the audience - at the expense of the character's future. That happens by renegade comic writers periodically, also. Now I look forward to some other exception in a future move where he breaks an arm or leg or something by yet another adamantium-created object.

So Wolverine has "bone claws" now. Oooo - dangerous. All he can do with them is stab - they're certainly not able to cut steel (or any metal for that matter), and he'd better make sure they don't break off if he puts too much force on them.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't ever recall Magneto being able to transmute adamantium, though I'm not dogmatic on that. The only person that I recall in the comics who was able to do that was the Molecule Man, who also dissolved Thor's hammer and Captain America's shield in the same issue.

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