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Default Re: Favorite scene...

Originally Posted by EnDz0n3 View Post
During the self surgery, when the x-ray machine was tossed aside by Shingen, I just wished Logan didn't shout out "I can't see."

Show, don't tell Mangold! There's been reviews of this film suggesting Mangold does a number of reminding people what Yakuza was. What Ronin was, etc and I didn't really notice any of those. But this was one instance where I thought Mangold should've just used the scene to show what's happening, instead of characters telling us.
The trouble with any film, especially CBM.s which get nitpicked more that most, is that you can never win.

If a director explains something then its "Why are you telling me X, I already know it!"

If a director doesnt explain something then its "Why didnt you explain X, PLOTHOLE!!"

Yeah I think the Ronin one was probably repeated, thats a fair criticism.

As for the "I cant see" I think that was done for comedy effect, I know people were laughing when he said when I watched it Sunday.

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