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Default Re: SPOILER ALERT: Anyone bothered by....

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
Yes, no one has ever screwed with Wolverine's adamantium skeleton in the comics, ever.

Actually, Magneto did!

In X-Men #25, back in 1993, Wolverine almost killed Magneto. Magneto, in a rage caused by Wolverine almost killing him, used his powers to tear the adamantium off of Wolverine's skeletin and out of his body through his pours.

Yes, it's safe to say that that hurt Wolverine... a lot!

Wolverine ended up in a coma and his healing factor was overloaded.

When he finally was healed he felt useless and tried to see if he could still compete by taking part in a Danger Room sequence in the highest setting. I believe the program had a sentinal. He got whooped! He popped his claws and for the first time we saw that they were bone and not implanted knives. His bone claws were broken during the fight, leading to this:

He ended up quiting the X-Men and I believe he was off the team for the next 6 years.

He ended up getting the adamantium back when Apocalypse brainwashed him into becoming his Horseman Death and re-bonded his skeletin.

So, it is very factual that Magneto does indeed have the ability to manipulate adamantium, but...

The problem with the movie was how easily Wolverine's adamantium claws were cut. And the whole heating thing doesn't work. It's like saying this...

If I took a hot piece of steel and swung it at a piece of steel of a similar size, what would happen? Likely the hot steel would break or bend before the non-heated steel.

Same for adamantium, except as Striker once said, once adamantium is cooled it can not be heated again. This was a huge hole in the story. General audience won't see that, or care, but us fan boys will.

Also, when and how exactly did Viper put that Matrix robotic fishy thing into Wolverine so it could wrap around his heart? Were we supposed to believe that that greenish smoke from the bowl knocked out a guy whose healing factor makes it so no poison affects him?

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