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Default Re: Supes and Bats: how do they discover each other's identity (or do they?)

Originally Posted by ArmsHeldOut View Post
Well, Goyer said that he and Snyder are going to have to go through some "mental gymnastics" to come up with an explanation for that. Should be interesting to say the least.
I'm just picturing a scene like this:

Clark: "Hey Lois! (Glares) ...Bruce."

Bruce: "Hey, farmer John. Hey, Lois, we've got five minutes to get to the gala, and I've got three bottles of wine to get through in the limo, and I just love to share!"

Lois: "Just a second. Ron Troupe's sent me PDF on some new virus on the web. It keeps distorting images of Superman and apparently it keeps rewriting Woodburn's blog..."

Clark: (Glares at Bruce) "Really? That weird."

Bruce: "Whoah. We've got the same problem in Gotham. Except it keeps messing up police reports on the Bat guy. (Cheshire grin) Maybe the Boy Scout owes old' Tall, Dark, and Scary. Wonder if Superman's good for it?"


Bruce: "Well, times a wastin'. Catch you later...flyboy."

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