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Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
Yeah bad CGI can really mess a movie over long term, that's why I leads prefer the practical. Look at a film like John Carpenters the Thing, it still looks amazing.

Or even just compare some of the FX in the old and new versions of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy popping out the wall above the head looks amazing in the practical effect in 1984. In the 2010 version it's CGI and it looks awful.
Heck even the original Star Wars holds up better than some CGI from the prequals.

The best use of CGI is when you dont realise its even being used, in the background not in your face.

I'm kind of glad this Wolverine had a smaller budget so that it cut out some of the nonsense CGI like Origins and we end up with something like Logan V Shingen, ten nay a hundred times better than any CGI could ever do.

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