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Default Re: Favorite scene...

Yukio vs. Shingen vs. Logan. Jackman embodied Wolverine there more than in any of the other films. The physicality, the anger, and, for once, we actually see Wolverine kill his opponent with his damn claws in these films.

Oh, and the bone-claws at the end. What a pleasant surprise! For a second there, I honestly had no idea what the hell they were gonna do, then BAM. Awesome.

Honestly, my only problem with the film was Silver Samurai. Not the twist with Harada, but the size of the mech suit. We could've had a real, mano-a-mano fight with a smaller scale suit and it would've been 10 times better.

If any character has ever earned the right to enjoy a happy retirement, it is Bruce Wayne. Nolan ought to be commended for caring enough about the character and believing enough in his own vision to provide a definitive, satisfying ending to the story of an ordinary man who turned tragedy into the motivation to accomplish something extraordinary.

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