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Originally Posted by The Sage View Post
His comment about the film feeling "seen it before" was the same reason why I initially had preferred them going with an established Superman off the break instead of doing an origin film. I'm curious to how innovative he wanted them to go.

I don't agree or disagree with his comments about the killing. That's always going to be one of those up in the air debates for me. I accepted it and thought it worked, but would've preferred an alternate route.

Though now that we've seen Superman kill and how uncomfortable it is for both him and the audience, it definitely makes you go, "Wow that just isn't right. Yeah he definitely shouldn't kill."

And Morrison's awesome. One of the best Superman writers of all time, and the writer of my favorite Superman epic, All-Star Superman. I was curious to know what he thought of the film.
You read my mind. I don't MIND that he had to kill now, but I'd prefer a "tidy" PZ style ending. It'd be unconventional (most bad guys die at the end of superhero movies) and it would allow for more character moments.

Also, Salkind said it was "okay." He didn't outright pan it. It sounded like he was going soft on it, even when he said the tone was Batmanish.

Sure, they are partially to blame with what went wrong in the Reeve franchise, but without them, it might not have got off the ground.

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