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Originally Posted by tomoe View Post
As cliche as it might be I think a montage of Superman in suit saving people and being warm and smiling before Zod shows up would have helped. Then there could be reactions and news reports about this flying savior which addresses the people's reaction acceptance or distrust of this alien that goyer said would be explored but was barely touched upon. Which would culminate when Zod finally shows up and demands Kal, then showing the people being conflicted about whether to turn him in or not after all the good he done. Not enough time in the movie for this? As much as I like the krypton scenes I do think they could have been cut.
The action scenes were well done, but they were all three minutes too long.

So with about 4 or 5 action scenes (it seems like more), cutting a few minutes here and there and replacing them drama/character developing moments would help the movie.

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