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Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
I found plenty of funny moments in the movie (my theatre had 12 to be exact). The movie was not as dark and depressing as people are saying, it just isn't cheesy either.
There were about 4 broad "gag" moments, and the rest, if present is very subtle.

I don't find MOS to be the bleak, soulless action film some make it out to be, but it isn't a warm/lighthearted film either. It's kind of in the middle, with warm character moments but a dark atmosphere.

The sequel has to go lighter, though I don't think this movie is devoid of fun or charm.

I don't want them to overcorrect and resort to CAMP (mocking the genre/characters), but I do want some more witty lines and humorous situations.

And yes, Trevor is a great example of what camp is. Avengers teeters towards the borderline through its increasingly lighthearted tone, though in the end, it's all a matter of opinion.

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