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Default Re: Ultron! We Would Have Words With Thee! Official Thor/Chris Hemworth Thread

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
As Thor crashes a giant space eel into Grand Central Station.
Ahhh yes .... an empty station. Unlike the IHOP full of diners.

Notice Thor was also the same guy who attempted to subdue the Hulk inside of the Hellicarrier instead of letting the fight escalate into a full blown brawl where many aboard the Hellicarrier could've been put in harms way.

One of the big things when comparing Thor to Hulk or the MoS Kryptonians is his movement. Hulk and Superman move with pure power. For the most part, Hemsworth's Thor doesn't move with great speed or power. He moves like a normal human being. He isn't clearing hundreds of yards in seconds or punching/hitting with the kinda of movement your expect from someone who is super human. Hemsworth Thor is more "old school" super human. A lot of normal, not exactly real looking stuff, with the big moments being played up (kill shot on big monster in Thor or running Hulk through a wall). The same guy that is able to move that fast, is the same guy swinging his hammer like a normal human.

There is also when he swings his hammer. It looks prop like a bit too much. The most solid it looks is in the hero shots when it isn't moving or when Hulk was messing with it in the Avengers.
Wut? LOL ......

You even mention "alot of normal, not exactly real looking stuff." OK bud, yeah everything about what Supes did in MoS was the pinnacle of realism.

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